Below are links to various websites and research providers that we find
invaluable to our daily research.  If you would like to recommend a site,
please use the form on the lower left section of this page.

Accounting Issues/Analysis
Great blog focused on SEC filings and details hidden in footnotes
Bearish Commentary/News/Analysis
Bearish commentary and news feeds.  If you ever find your self too bullish,
stop by for a bit
More bearish news feeds and commentary.  They call themselves “The
one-stop shop for the bear case.”
Bulk Freight Market
Daily market report of dry bulk rates and fixtures courtesy of DryShips
Golden Ocean IR page, their presentations contain the best overviews of
the Baltic Freight markets
Company Presentations/Webcasts
European company presentations and events webcast and archived for
free access.  Great site!
Company presentations and events webcasts, including presentations
and podcasts
Oslo Exchange news web including company presentations and releases
Economics and Economic Data
Government statistics recalculated – CPI, M3 and other data trends
available for free
The BLS collects great data, largely ignored by Wall Street.  The CPI
components are invaluable – you can track everything from airline ticket
prices to the price of Ham to be cooked at home to the price of mens suits
Energy Sector
News and articles relating to peak oil
THE source for global oil supply/demand data, and they often have
insightful publications and papers available online
Surface heat map for U.S.
EIA Natural gas storage and inventory reports.  Also provides other data
and a great overview of ‘storage basics’
EIA weekly and monthly coal production data
Short-Term energy outlook, updated monthly.  Very informative and
provides links to reports and studies done by EIA
U.S. Oil imports by country of origin.  Great data for those that follow tanker
The World Coal Institute produces a number of small laminated fact
cards, which provide statistics on various aspects of the coal industry
Seasonal, monthly and 8-14 day maps for temperature and precipitation
predictions.  The 8-14 day outlooks move energy markets
Offshore drilling news, contracts, jobs and predictions.  Great coverage of
hurricane season and rigs affected by storms
Independent Research Firms ($)
Global research based on the classical economics model.  Mike has an
incredible ability to find ‘undiscovered’ companies.  He maintains a
‘model  portfolio’ to  track the performance of his ideas
Larry Jeddeloh constantly travels the world and has more connections and
sources than anyone out there.  He routinely predicts global events and
trends that are scoffed as one in a million long shots by the market (and
the uninformed), only to have them come to pass.  Larry is also a very
successful money manager, so he knows how to translate his predictions
into actionable ideas
Investor Education
MIT offers archives of classes and courses online.   They have some great
economics courses including game theory and economics psychology
SSRN network maintains a library of research papers including many on
investing and investment psychology
Market News
CNBCPLUS is a streaming video service that allows you to watch CNBC
in a video player on your desktop – great for a their monitor or to use while
travelling.  Also allows access to CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia, both of
which are much more informative than the US version
International news feed with links to articles.  Good collection of news
stories not found elsewhere
Market Strategy and Commentary
PIMCO has some of the best strategists around and their views are
available for free in their ‘Featured Market Commentary’ section on their site
Weekly market commentary, voted Forbes ‘Best of the Web’
Free and subscriber-based market commentary
MSN Money offers commentary and stock picks from Jim – he is a good
macro thinker, knows energy & commodities and comes up with some
interesting smallcap stock idea.  He publishes every Tuesday and Friday
Weekly market commentary and focused investment research articles
Market timing model with a very impressive track record
Metals and Mining Sector
Daily news and commentary from metals and mining sector.  This is
where many mining company CEOs get their news
Daily news and commentary from metals and mining sector
Daily news on metals and mining sector with a focus on steel, scrap and
nonferrous metals
Mortgage Lending/Consumer Debt Analysis
News, analysis and in the their words ‘conspiracies’, mostly centred
around financial mayhem
Mortgage Lender-related market commentary and the well publicised
A ‘US Real Estate Bubble Blog’, great charts and data!
Daily summaries and commentary on global markets and commodities.  
Dennis is a great commodity trader and his years of experience in
invaluable during turbulent times
University of Iowa research lab where real money trades futures on the
outcomes of events such as elections, Fed Rate decisions and economic
Short Ideas
Primary research on short ideas and potential frauds
Technical Analysis
Financial Astrology is more than a little controversial, but Bradley model
predictions are seen here – Note how well the model fits the S&P
Telecom/Communications Sector
Total Telecom provides daily news and analysis for the global
communications sector
Trader’s Resources
Real-time information on trading halts for NASDAQ securities including
quote and trade resumption times
NASDAQ site providing current DOW point limits and trading halt durations
for circuit breaker rules
FAA national map showing airport delays and ground stops
Real-time GPS mapping of commercial flights
Real-time GPS mapping of commercial flights, private flights and airports.  
Ask a CEO for the tail number of their private jet and learn how many ski
trips to Aspen the top management has made!
Global Cooling
A ‘Climate News Center’ oriented toward global warming skepticism
A very-biased – but interesting – site, expressing the alternative view to
Global Warming
Website of meteorologist and Climate Change skeptic Anthony Watts
Daily links to energy blogs, research, news and analysis
Anticipate flight delays by checking the jet stream before you depart
Pilot turbulence reports, great link for your mobile phone – check before
Grain Markets
Ag market news and analysis by Farm Journal
Morning grain market analysis by Bryce Knorr
Ethanol Market
Daily ethanol market news
Their ‘Daily Energy Post’ offers analysis that cannot be found anywhere else
U.S. map from showing expected high temperature
departures from normal